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Installation of a new sock puller for the sheep line 

Installation of a new downward hide puller for the cattle line

Supply of training and supervision to ensure the required dressing quality for the lamb slaughter season

And continued support on the cattle, pig and horse slaughter, with continual emphasis on labour saving options due to the current world wide labour situation. 

Commissioned to look at the options for a new beef and pig line in either the existing or a new location on site

airflow infill

We have been commissioned to produce Stainless Steel angle frames with mesh infills.

To comply with Data centre specification, to aid in the airflow around the facility but also heighten the security measures within the facility.

To meet the stringent specification on material and sizes is of paramount importance to ensure the correct airflow around the servers and to retard the potential of cyber-attack within the facility.

Yet another challenging contract, which has been successfully delivered and potentially more to follow. 

Following the recent Pandemic, we have managed to conclude one of our ongoing prospects in Nigeria

This project has been filled with unexpected problems from all sides, and all issues have been out of anyone’s control.

Consultant to their ever-changing business model

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Advisor capacity on numerous operational issues

squire patton boggsLBP were commissioned By SPB to advise on numerous operational issues regarding the new pig slaughter facility recently commissioned at one of the Morrisons site.

LBP were to give expert witness advise on the issues currently being experienced at the site and make recommendations for remedial action.


Supply of Equipment

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General maintenance for plants bespoke refurbishments to complex machines and training on new innovations

DUNBIA resizeNumerous general maintenance works, and bespoke design and manufacture works across the group along with training supplied for the sock puller machine


Installation of new sheep line and ritual turn over restrainers, with operator training for fat tailed sheep

KavkazmyasoLBP were commissioned in the initial design stages of the ritual turn over restrainers and then the installation and training of existing staff on the new methods of operation.

We have also been looking at a large-scale boning and packing operation for the plant once it reaches full capacity.




 sheep linefat tail sheep

Supply and erection of agricultural buildings to many clients

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Manufacture and installation of a dear ladder and rail system through fridges and cutting room.

Also providing new agricultural buildings in which to expand the current business.





Removal of existing chiller rail and steel work in numerous locations to enable new refrigeration to be fitted then reinstallation of steel and rail systems.

karro resizedThis was completed in numerous areas throughout the plant under strict time schedules as not to interrupt production.

Reuse and rework existing equipment for installation on another Tulip site 

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Removal from an existing plant and reworking and installation of an automated unloading and refrigeration rail system, for the transportation of pork primal cuts to the boning and fridge areas.

Manufacture and installation of 3 new lairage penning systems

pickstock foods

LBP were asked by the client to design 3 new sheep Lairraging areas for their high throughput plant,

1 of which was a fully slated area with scrappers underneath.

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