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Understanding how to get the most out the available equipment, tools and technology is never easy. The range of available equipment 

An initial assessment will take place, enabling us to recommend the most efficient and effective course of action needed and bringing together the team of specialists required.options coupled with constantly changing legislation makes these important investment decisions in fixed assets critical to your meat processing facilities, efficiency and effectiveness.LBP will help to guide you through this complex maze of legislative, technological and individual requirements, whilst at the same time focusing on your meat processing facility and primary operations.

Once an agreement has been reached, we aim to work and install equipment causing the least disruption necessary. In setting the equipment to work LBP will ensure your operational staff are fully trained and competent. Our service covers not only the forecasted productivity rate but also ensures that product safety and quality are assured at all times.

We also provide a specific bespoke meat processing operational and engineering service, which covers your operational challenges, resulting in the best and most profitable solution for your unique situation.

LBP offers a full range of post installation support services, ensuring that matters are dealt with in a safe, fast and accurate manner. From product quality standards to changes in types and method of product processing LBP are always on hand for help and advice.

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