The transition of change within abattoirs and meat processing facilities is rarely straight-forward. Your current team of operational staff have the knowledge, skills and competences based around the meat products you deliver today. But they may not be the best people to introduce the changes required. They may be too busy with the current daily activities to dedicate the time necessary to get your new operation off the ground.

Lee Booth Partners has the answer. We can provide a dedicated and flexible range of specialists that manage the complete project for you. We will give you detailed project plans, regular status updates and enable you to formally authorise each stage of the project through a series of deliverable driven gate reviews. This follows your complete project lifecycle from its earliest conception to acceptance/handover and then into steady state operational usage.

Through a team of dedicated experts we will put the planning in place to minimise the risk and maximise the opportunities of your project. Also because of our unique position and knowledge of the meat processing industry we are able to accurately predict the potential for problems and make sure they don't happen. But should the unplanned ever occur then Lee Booth Partners will not just notify you of the problem but will also identify the solutions and recommend the best course of action.

We will supply the complete project package or just manage the sub-contractors you have chosen. Lee Booth Partners can be relied upon to bring the specialist project management skills you need to guarantee a successful project.

If you wish to discuss a potential new project or you are experiencing problems with an existing project not delivering then contact us for a no obligation project review.

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